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We build useful things.

with technology, code & common sense

Here be geekness & business smart.

We speak tech, business and UX design.


technology scouting & domain expertise

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E-business & E-commerce

we provide insight, concept, code & infrastructure

Which might sound rather abstract. Perhaps even boring...

So let's talk about what you need.

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SpikyFruit e-business architects.

We build useful things. With technology, code & common sense.

about spikyfruit


Hello, we are SpikyFruit e-business.
We do things differently.

Different how? For one SpikyFruit is a small collective by choice. We work with an intimate group of skilled people, most of which have ties to the open source world.

Many of them are also location indifferent professionals, or digital nomads if you like. We do meet face to face, but the internet is our true office.

This modern way of working has many advantages. It introduces new technologies as they emerge, and it brings an evolving network of skill, experience and knowledge. But without the overhead and social headaches of employing that talent in-house, which you will notice in our fees.

Secondly we believe you should hold the keys to your own castle. If we create a product, tailor-made for your company, it is your product. We would like you to stay with us because you are happy and want to do so, not because we vendor-locked you in a corner. Your freedom and continuity is important to us.

Wait, what, digital nomads, castles, keys, freedom...?
Sounds like a bunch of tree-hugging hippie-geeks!

We realize this might be somewhat different from other companies you have dealt with, especially if coming from the more traditional corporate world. But make no mistake, in the end it is all just knowledge, code & SLA's - no tree-hugging involved. Nerds & geeks? Certainly. But hippies? Absolutely not.

SpikyFruit is run by Matthijs van der Vegte, who has been
working independently in all things internet since 1997.

We invite you to look at our track record, which has been going strong for almost two decades. Speak to our clients, look at our results. You will see this way of doing things is actually working very well for all parties involved.

Useful, modern and tailored solutions, with fast roll-out. Based on solid choices which guarantee freedom and continuity for your company.

We think that's a pretty sweet deal, but then again, we might be biased on that one.

Our services

  • Convert Business Ideas to Tech Solutions

    Translate and develop your idea into a viable and useful solution. Cost-effective with a short development cycle.
  • E-commerce & E-business

    We understand & love e-commerce. We were knee-deep in the action when it took off in the 90's and have never left it since.
  • Mobile Applications & Back-end API Development

    B2B mobile solutions that bring operational value, combined with back-end API's that are smart, extendible and modern.
  • Consultancy & System Integration

    Trouble understanding the geeks or suits? We are comfortable and versed in both teams. Bridge the gap, get the knowledge across.
  • Server Infrastructure & Private Clouds

    From redundant dedicated hosting to private clouds, managed with strong S.L.A.'s. We build, maintain and provide server infrastructure.
  • Get Freedom & Take Control

    Prevent vendor lock-in and gain the freedom you require to operate your business. If you ever want to continue without us you simply can.
  • Value For Money & Continuity

    We like harnessing solid technologies to accomplish your business goals. Because 'flavor-of-the-month' is not a deployment strategy.
  • We Love What We Do!

    Problem solving through technology, adding value and insight, creating, helping businesses succeed... Kind of a cool job, right?

We work for a vast array of global clients,
ranging from local entrepreneurs & governments, to Fortune 500 companies.

about matthijs van der vegte

van der-what?

When Matthijs is not playing buzzword bingo on external consultants, churning out code, or talking shop with the other geeks, he likes to learn, cook and travel. Destination requirements include internet-connectivity and decent coffee.

He lives together with 1 girlfriend, 2 geese, 3 cats, and 4 pinball machines.

You can contact Matthijs here.

team member
Matthijs van der Vegte
Chef de Cuisine


Flash-Sales E-commerce

Scalable flash-sales platform (B2C), featuring complex business rules and interfacing with warehousing platforms. Multi-channel carts, expiring via configurable timers. The underlying stack was also designed from scratch. The launch resulted in over 20K registered visitors on the first day.
Inception to production: 5 months

Collecting & Inventory Scanning

Mobile/server platform (B2B) allowing multiple operators to collect assets on-site via barcode scanning. Collected data is pushed to a central server, with live reporting to all involved parties. Geo-aware, secure and able to function without internet connection. Deployed in Europe and North America.
Inception to production: 4 months

Event Planning & Invitation Tool

Online event planning tool that allows tracking & matching the invitees desired dates, suggesting the most optimal final date for an event. Multilingual, with an easy template system for simultaneous events. Used by several high profile brands to aid in their Benelux advertising campaigns.
Inception to production: 21 days

Open Source E-commerce

Open source solutions like osCommerce, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress and their offspring have changed the retail landscape immensely. We witnessed their birth and contributed to their growth. The good, the bad, the strong points, limitations and required stack components for your use case.
Yes, we can help you.

Service Connectors & Custom API's

Bi-directional connections between various online and offline services. From corporate warehousing to accounting, from payment processors to drop shippers. If it talks or listens it can be connected to your e-commerce front-end or e-business processes.
Contact us to discuss your needs

Local Government E-ordering

Closed-circuit e-ordering system, featuring very specific business and legal requirements. Each order has to be approved and signed off by several external parties, in a specific order and within allowed budget and time-frame. Extensive reporting and audit logging.
Inception to production: 8 weeks

Corporate Presence & Reporting

From simple presence websites, complex report- & analytics dashboards or specific web-tools. We build for local players and bigger international names. Written from scratch or build upon available open source components. Fast & cost-effective.
Contact us to discuss your needs

Hosting, Servers & Private Clouds

We provide the technical backbone for most of our clients. From simple VPS to managed redundant setups to complete private cloud solutions, SpikyFruit handles the hardware, setup, backups and maintenance, allowing you to fully focus on other important things. With the comfortable assurance
things will simply work.


KvK: 30141778

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Important: we are currently unable to take on any new projects
Mijdrecht, Dukaton, The Netherlands